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Take a keen interest in understanding how might we augment users' interactions with everyday objects by using research through design methodologies. I am an interaction design researcher who is passionate about consolidating interaction design paradigms and information architectures at centralized repositories to empower teams to deliver consistent and powerful user experiences across all their products and services.

As an award-winning User Experience Research professional, I am focused on the intersection of Research, Design, Business & Product Innovation. With a track record of researching and designing complex digital systems in emerging technologies for different industries, establishing deep collaboration with data scientists, engineers, product managers and designers, I am be a critical asset to businesses in their goal to create a lasting impact through strategic and foundational user experience research.

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Interventional Autonomous Car Interfaces - Master's Thesis

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Spring 2018

​Studied the benefits of directional user interfaces foraugmenting a rider’s ability to regain situation awareness.Directed driving studies at the Sonification Lab by gauginguser reaction times using Tobii eye trackers, and situation perception through cognitive mapping using SPAM queries.

The Fresh Market Experience - Retail CX 2026

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Spring 2017

Used service design methodologies to innovate on the customer experience at The Fresh Market, a grocery chain that has a history of high quality. Designed and defined the ecosystem within which TFM became a food experience for gourmet cooking enthusiasts.

The Peregrine Project - DrivX 2026

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Fall 2016

Designed the user experience (UX) for a bespoke tourism service built for the traveller of the future. It harnesses the power of AI and the convenience of Self-Driving Cars to curate unique tours based on your personal interests.

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