Team: Pranav Nair, Ashley Touchton

Tools: Arduino CC, Adafruit Neopixels, Pulse Sensor, Photoshop, Illustrator,  iMovie

Design Methods: Hardware Interface Design, Filming, Video editing, Prototyping, Interaction design

Contributions: Initial Ideation,  Interaction Design, Prototyping - Arduino, Sensors, Neopixels, Arduino Programming, Video recording, Video editing,

As a team, were motivated to find a way to help children with special needs accomplish daily tasks, while easing the workload and stress their caregivers go through on a daily basis. We wanted to empower the child with a perceived sense of independence, while simultaneously allowing caregivers to monitor their vitals remotely.


To this end, we decided to create a smart glove, that could passively monitor the child's heart rate and communicate that data via an app to their caregiver.


We proceeded to storyboard a scenario where that showcased how our caregiver to easily accomplish their day to day tasks, while intervening when necessary:


An RFID reader would also allow the caregiver to locate their child should the need to assist arise. The following illustrated schematic demonstrates our glove's design:

illustrated schematic.png

Upon presenting our Illustrated Schematic to our colleagues, we received some valuable feedback regarding the aesthetics of our glove. A valid point was made: why would a child want to wear this glove all day?


Keeping that in mind, we decided our design must have a child-friendly aesthetic. For our prototype, we decided to design it after Iron Man's glove:

For our final presentation, we also mocked up an App interface to demonstrate the user-interface on the caregiver's end:


Finally, we introduced an Adafruit Trinket that would mimic the child's heartbeat. Should the child become stressed, the trinket would play a calming blue pattern to try and soothe the child's anxiety until the caregiver can intervene.

To view our final prototype, please click on the video embedded above :)