Team: Pranav Nair, Veronica Spencer

Tools: Raspberry Pi, Open CV, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pi Cam,  After Effects,  Adobe XD

Design Methods: Hardware Interface Design, Interaction Design, Filming, Video editing, Prototyping, , Interaction design, Interface Testing

Contributions: Initial Ideation,  Interaction Design, Prototyping - Raspberry Pi, Works-like prototyping, Vide Editing, Filming


We drew pictures and stuff.


Both of the co-creators of this project were scanned in the Body Scanning Lab in the School of Industrial Design. Additionally, the primary actor for the product video, Peter, was also scanned in the Body Scan Lab.


Below, Achyuth Kumar uses the Artec Eva to gather a high quality model of Peter's head. The eFit in-ear 3D scanner is used to gather a high quality scan of the inner ear. Peter's files were merged together and used as a second data point to prove the sturdy, comfortable fit observed in the first mount trials.


Models were made in Meshmixer. Pieces of the face that proved reliable anchor points were selected and then offset from the base feature of the face. Individual details were sculpted into the final form.


After the looks-like form was achieved, the model was adapted to fit the face of the primary actor.


A UI mockup was created using the Beta version of Adobe Xd. Following the logic flow displayed below, the PinPoint App allows users to easily review, clip, and annotate the footage that they take with their device.

Here's our click-through prototype of our UI:

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