Fresh Produce




Team: Pranav Nair, Akhil Oswal, Linlu Zhou

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, iMovie, SketchUp, SurveyMonkey

Research Methods: Service design, Surveys, Interviews, Ethnography, Filming, Video editing, Prototyping, Interface design

Contributions: User research, Ideation, Interaction design, Interface testing, Video production and editing, Ethnographic research, Survey design, Journey Maps, Personas

Our aim was to use service design and UX research methodologies to innovate on the customer experience at The Fresh Market, a grocery chain that has a history of high quality.



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We created our personas, Katie and Betty. 


Katie is a 30 year old mother of two. She's health conscious and slightly money conscious. She gets most of her groceries from Publix but visits The Fresh Market for specialty items and fresh produce.


Betty is 60 and lives with her husband. She doesn't care about budget much. She heard about The Fresh Market from her neighbor. She's open to new experiences and enjoys good food, but wishes she could cook fancier food.


Their journeys as of today are mapped below : 

(Please click on the images open the graphics in full size to view them better)

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We conducted a survey of 100 customers of The Fresh Market to get further insights and validate our secondary research, observations and identify opportunity areas. Here are the insights from the survey : 

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Based on our survey, we had some interesting findings and we were able to reinforce a lot of our hypotheses.

We found that only 14% people purchased most of their groceries at The Fresh Market. This shows an opportunity to sell the other products at the store, if we can create enough reason for the customer to.

Recipes were also a keen area of interest, with a lot of customers willing to go out of the way to find and learn new things to cook.

Organizing recipe lists and managing all ingredients was a challenge, and we feel that The Fresh Market is in a great position to promote their products and increase customers‘ basket sizes by providing and teaching recipes that would involve multiple products purchased from them.


We created a quick video to demonstrate our new experiences for both Katie and Betty.

Presented below are wire-frames of the app that could support the innovation.

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SDOA Master Project Pages 8.5 x 14--prev
SDOA Master Project Pages 8.5 x 14--prev

This is Katie's new journey, where she is now guided through picking up everything she needs, but also gets a lot of personalized information to the new things she can try for her family. 

TFM Journey map final_march_12 (1)_Page_

Additionally, we created a mockup of the "event space", using Google SketchUp that would attract customers like Betty to The Fresh Market. Sample layouts are depicted below.

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This is Betty's new journey in the store, where she can now learn how to cook everything she wanted to, and engage with the local community in a much more delightful way.

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The Service Blueprint demonstrates how all these experiences are created and enabled.


Here are the organizational and partnership changes that need to happen to enable these new services :

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SDOA Master Project Pages 8.5 x 14--prev
SDOA Master Project Pages 8.5 x 14--prev

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to reach out for more details :)